Sunday, February 8, 2009

Whole Session #131 - 2 Sessions with David Smith

2 Sessions - one successful, one not so successful.
This landscaper had trouble getting his
equipment to work, but he's a nice guy, and great looking if you like those
wirey, sinuey types. He's a friendly guy, always laughing and with an infectious
smile, and a pleasant gentleman to be around.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Whole Session #121Randy

Long and lanky at 6'2", 165#, recently released
from prison, he's a caring, giving gentleman who is trying to get back on his
feet. He works as a painter and construction supervisor when things are going
right, and gives what he can to the homeless. I met him through Marc and Lonnie,
who gave him rave reviews for his kindness and altruism. I wish him all the best.

Whole Session #111 Andy

Another local with a substance abuse problem,
claims to be straight, but will suck a dick and take one up the ass for a smile.
Basically makes a living hustling, and had a real problem answering the question
on my profile sheet as to his profession. He finally left it blank. "Blank"
seems to be a good term in describing him.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Whole Session #101 Steve

Met this dude holding a sign needing a ride, gave
him my card, and a few hours later he calls and admits "he likes it with men". I
met him at his rented room and we did the shoot, but sadly realized he was another doper.
But he loves to give head, then jack off with your cum on his face and in his mouth.

Whole Session #91 Sandy

BEWARE! This friendly, personable, likeable good old boy is a snake.
A thief and a con man, he'll take you for whatever he can,
and steal the rest. The neighborhood in which he stayed put flyers out with his
picture and warnings. He has subsequently disappeared.

Whole Session #81 Jack

Naturalist, outdoorsman, construction worker,
this handsome man has a terrific body for his age. Personality wise - he's
somewhat of a mystery. Very dry sense of humor, so much so that you're left
unfortable with him, as you're never sure exactly what he's meaning.

Whole Session #71 Steve and Ted

Two of my favorite men gettin' it on! Both
married, both family men, both business men and active in their communities,
when you get them away from momma they turn on to each other. I think both men
are terrific looking, as well as great guys, and seeing them togther is a real
turn on for me. Hope you'll enjoy them, too.

Whole Session #61 Football Party 4-Way

Whole Session #61 Football Party 4-Way

Four of my buddies - Dale, Richard, Lee,and Danny, get together for a little Saturday
afternoon football, but realize that a little live action is more fun than watching the tube.
That fucking Lee is a nut. I love the awkwardness of these dudes - makes 'em much more real.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whole Session #51 Troy

Its a shame we can't deal with this guy from the neck down.
Rugged, hairy, manly body, great dick, shoots a great load - all of
this attached to an arrogant, demanding, brain-dead asshole.
I guess sometimes we have to take the bad with the good.

Whole Session #41 Steve

When we needed a plumber at my store, this is the guy who showed up.
Couldn't resist giving him a card, and he was very willing to do the shoot.
He informed me later that he sometimes liked to suck cock - hope I can get him on film doing that.

Whole Session #31 Sam

This poor goober is a testament to the fact that Neaderthals lived, and a few survive even today.
Definitely sexy in his raw masculinity, just don't expect a lot of intelligent conversation.
Best philosophy - find him, fuck him, forget him.

Whole Session #21 Lonnie

This cute little dude had only been married a
couple of months when he showed up for this shoot, and something tells me his
was not a marriage made in heaven. As much as he loves to suck cock and eat cum,
I'm afraid his monogamous days are shortlived.

Whole Session #11 Joe the Mechanic

Joe the Mechanic - DAMN I wish I had gotten more
footage of this guy! Travelled out to an old trailer park in Bum-Fuck Egypt to
do this shoot. He kept wanting me to finger his ass, but things just happened
too quickly. I was turned on, and so was he. Later that night he called and
wanted me to talk sex to him while he fucked himself with a dildo, all the while
his wife wasa screaming at him in the background. In a few days he needed a
place to stay - I thought I'd best let him alone.

Whole Session #1 Alan

My very first model, and deservedly so.
Not only is he incredibly handsome with a magnificent, hairy body,
but he's the nicest guy you could ask to know.
Rugged yet gentle, when you curl up with him you know you've got a night full of lovin' coming!

Whole Session #194 - K.C.

What a handsome fellow, and a nice guy as well.
He's a 46 y/o,5'9", 150# construction worker who has a large portfolio of past experiences.
He's bisexual, so hopefully we'll see him in action with another dude.
An Atlanta native - he has seen it all in this city.